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Developing innovative software and technology for the horticulture industry

Dataphyll specialises in developing   software and technology solutions for horticulture

Dataphyll is an industry leader in developing the most innovative, flexible, robust and useable software and technology solutions for the wider horticulture industry. We have products targeted at improving efficiency, traceability and data capture, and can customize a leading edge solution for your business.

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Dataphyll has developed industry leading tools to help you run your business operations more efficiently and effectively

Built by Horticulturists

Dataphyll is a company founded by orchardists, and has a strong focus on delivering practical solutions

Mobile Apps

Software that is as mobile as you are, no matter where you are

The Cloud

Get updates, notifications and manage your business from anywhere at any time, and off any device


Make your business more efficient and get rid of time consuming data entry and paperwork


The internet goes down, the cellular network crashes, you break your phone. No Problem our multiple levels of redundancy mean our systems working and so can you


All of your data is backed up and secure, and easily searchable at any time


Generate many different types of reports from our system. Then download them, export them, or upload them into other applications

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We know that horticulture never stops, and when it breaks, you need support. We provide 24/7 support to keep your business running.

Integrated Solutions

Our advanced API allows you to integrate, export and share your data. Because at the end of the day we are here to provide solutions for your business, not get in the way.

make your data work for you

An advanced harvest logistics and supply chain management system.

Dataphyll GROW is a harvest logistics and supply chain management system using RFID tags, smart phones, mobile apps, infield weigh stations and cloud software. Our system will enable real-time tracking and management of bins, crates, pallets and/or punnets during the harvest process, from the orchard right through packing and the rest of the supply chain. Dataphyll's solutions will also allow packhouses and orchardists to manage their internal inventories and allow managers to track the location of individual items and their contents across an individual site, multiple sites, an entire region or even further afield!

Real time tracking of inventory movement

Track in real time the movement of your inventory from the orchard, to the packhouse, and beyond. Locate your bins, crates, pallets or punnets across one or multiple sites

Manage harvest in real time

Know the status of every bin, crate, pallet or punnet at any time. No more wondering how many empties are available at each orchard/location, or how many are filled and ready for pick-up

Cloud services

See your data and monitor your business in real time, from anywhere, and from multiple devices

Digital data capture

No more trying to find a pen, no lost paper and no ripped dockets. All information is safely captured and uploaded to the Dataphyll system where it is securely stored and ready for you to access

Workforce time management & reporting

Track individual and team log in/out times, their daily progress and productivity. Up to the minute monitoring of contract/piece rate picking and alerts for falling under the minimum wage level

Notifications & alerts

Fully customizable notifications and alerts are available for each stage of the supply chain, and will enable for timely response to any potential issues or mistakes

Truck docketing

Simple tracking of trucks and consignments, as well as accurate reporting on the timing and receipt of deliveries

Easy to use reporting

Reports are generated at a click of a button, from a wide range of captured data. Fully customizable and able to be integrated with other platforms

About Us

Dataphyll has been founded by orchardists and horticulturists, and brings together many years of experience in the horticulture and IT sectors in order to deliver innovative technology and software solutions to the primary industries sector. Dataphyll is focused on creating solutions that enable our customers to efficiently capture their data and then convert it into a useful resource, so that they can ultimately do less work and make more money

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